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Melbourne Immigration Lawyers – Why You Need One on Your Side

Australia is one of the most desired destinations in the world for migrants, and our Melbourne immigration lawyers can help make your dreams of living here come true.

There are a variety of routes to citizenship that can suit various situations of applicants. These run the range from children born outside Australia and adopted by an Australian; a migrant with permanent residence; or a New Zealand citizen living in Australia. It can also include a spouse or partner of an Australian citizen, or the child of a former Australian citizen. There are also refugee and humanitarian entries.

In addition, there are different visas that can allow migrants to spend an extended period of time in Australia. They include spousal visas; prospective marriage visas; and family visas. The government actively encourages the granting of student visas.

Australian working visas are available to highly skilled workers and are often sponsored by individual states, according to their employment needs. These visas can often lead to Australian citizenship. There is also a special investor class Visa.

It is a complicated process and Australia’s migration laws are ever-changing. It is advisable to hire expert help and a Melbourne immigration lawyer can facilitate the visa or migration process for you.
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 Immigration to Australia – What are the Options?


For many years now Australia has long been one of the most desired destinations in the world for migrants.  Climate, opportunity and stability are the magnets that have made this country so popular.  It’s not surprising that, with so much going for it, the process of migrating to Australia and gaining citizenship must have some regulation.


Your best option is to hire an experienced immigration lawyers to assist you in your quest to migrate to Australia, either with a view to working here, becoming a citizen, or both.  There are a variety of avenues open to becoming a citizen.  They range from having a relationship with an existing citizen to qualifying as a humanitarian or refugee entrant.


Visa Categories


There are also a number of visa categories. Employment and family visas are often a good step to becoming an Australian citizen.  Four classes of visas are:



  •         Skilled Occupation visas – granted to highly skilled workers, assessed on a points-based system, and often sponsored by individual states.
  •         Student visas have a number of categories, most of which require a firm offer from an Australian educational institution.
  •         Family visas – often granted via family ties already existing in Australia.
  •         In addition, there is an investor visa class.



None of the above is simple; the process of migrating to Australia is greatly facilitated by experienced lawyers and migration experts in Melbourne or surrounding communities of St. Kilda, Dandenong, Geelong, South Melbourne, Footscray, Hawthorn, South Yarra, Glen Iris, Elwood, Kew, Brunswick, Moonee Ponds, Maidstone, Sunshine and Newport.
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